Discover the beautiful beaches of Corfu

Go on an adventure and discover the beautiful beaches of Corfu. This Greek island lies in the Ionian Sea, bathed in crystal clear water and golden sands. With a Mediterranean climate, the mild temperatures and sunny days invite visitors to enjoy the beaches and clear waters to relax. Stretches of sand, steep coves, spectacular caves, natural sculptures: whether on the north or south coast, every beach in Corfu offers spectacular scenery and endless entertainment possibilities. Whatever your preference, you can easily find the perfect beach for scuba diving, swimming or sailing. Discover these hidden treasures and enjoy the atmosphere of Corfu’s beautiful beaches.

The intriguing beach of Mirtiotissa

The beautiful beach of Mirtiotissa, located on the island of Corfu, Greece, is the perfect place for a yacht. With its dramatic white cliffs overhung by pine trees and its wild beach of injured white sand, Mirtiotissa is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and attracts many visitors.

All along the beach you can discover the richness of nature: exotic plants, coves and pools full of fish, caves and impressive rock formations. As you sail along the crystal clear waters, you won’t have to look far before you see dolphins and beautiful turtles swimming by.

As well as the breathtaking scenery, you’ll enjoy the complete solitude that is often sought after at Mirtiotissa. With other beaches in Corfu being so busy, Mirtiotissa is a great way to escape and enjoy the simple pleasures of the beach.

The beautiful beach of Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios beach is one of the most incredible places in Greece. With its long bay protected by spectacular cliffs, it is perfect for sailing on your yacht.

This quiet beach is lined with beautiful coves and offers a breathtaking sunset. Its waters are so clear and serene that you can see the sea bed on every dive.

A well-developed infrastructure allows you to enjoy a luxurious getaway. A variety of activities such as diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and sailing are all within easy reach. You can also visit traditional restaurants, supermarkets and shops that offer unique and authentic products.

Halikounas Beach

Halikounas beach is the southern heart of Corsica, a beautiful island. This famous jewel offers its visitors a unique environment: white sandy beaches and historical sites to explore and a yacht to sail along the coast.

The yacht is an ideal way to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Halikounas beach. Beautiful sunsets and dolphins playing in the waves give a feeling of freedom.

There are plenty of water sports activities in Halikounas, such as wakeboarding, snorkelling or even kayaking. You won’t find a better place to have fun and a great holiday in Corsica. Halikounas is the ideal destination for yacht owners as it offers top quality harbours, anchorages, facilities and services.

Myrtiotissa Aviation Beach

Myrtiotissa beach is the best place to rent a yacht in Corfu. Located in Greece, in the heart of the island of Corfu, this beach offers sailors a spectacular view of the blue sea and mountains.

The area is perfectly suited for water sports, especially yachting, due to its favourable weather conditions. The sea is calm and offers good grip for yachting. The beach itself is lined with resorts and charter boats.

Myrtiotissa beach is also a good place to watch and relax. You can swim in the turquoise waters of the sea, sunbathe and eat in the local restaurants.

Le yacht sur la plage de Myrtiotissa est une expérience unique. La région propose également des sites historiques à visiter et des activités supplémentaires pour profiter au mieux de vos vacances. Profitez de votre séjour, et n’oubliez pas d’emporter votre appareil photo pour capturer des souvenirs magnifiques.

Canoni Beach

Canoni beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Ionian Islands, located a short distance from Corfu. The beach has golden sand and very shallow turquoise water, making it the ideal place to go sailing. Motor boats can dock at a pier and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and spectacular sunsets from the cliff top.

In addition, the calm waters around the beach are a paradise for scuba divers. Wild and unspoilt snorkelling sites make this place a diver’s dream. Holidaymakers can also find small restaurants serving freshly prepared food. Not to mention the ice cream and cocktail stands that take advantage of the beauty of the area during the famous beach parties.

Canoni is a very popular destination for boat trips. Motorboats and sailboats are welcomed by the harbour and it is easy to moor at the picturesque jetty protecting the boats from the swell and strong waves of the open sea. Canoni beach is certainly one of the most beautiful places to see in Greece.

Paleokastritsa Beach

Paleokastritsa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a must-see destination for yacht enthusiasts. Located on the west coast of Corfu, it offers clear water and unique scenery.

Its six bays are filled with golden sand and beautiful coves to anchor your yacht. The waters offer tons of sailing and boating opportunities and travellers can enjoy the beauty of the smaller islands, such as Paxos, which they will find nearby.

Paleokastritsa also has an abundance of possible activities: diving, climbing, exploring the old fortresses or even hiking. There are also local performances to discover the Corfiot culture. The local food, with its delicious taste, is ready to please everyone!

Enjoy the wonders of Corfu’s beaches!

In conclusion, Corfu’s beaches are beautiful and home to breathtaking scenery. Steep cliffs and secluded coves where privacy can be found, crystal clear waters and fine sands all contribute to the beauty of this iconic island. The world-renowned resorts offer a variety of activities and a well-tended setting. Corfu is undoubtedly a destination of choice for nature lovers. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday or a chance to discover Byzantine architecture and picturesque Balkan culture, Corfu is sure to please. Let yourself be seduced by this enchanting place and don’t miss the beautiful beaches it has to offer!