What style of tulles for your wedding dress?

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, there are many details to consider to ensure that the dress is perfectly suited to the figure and the occasion. Among the many possible styles of gathers, fabrics and sizes, one of the most important to consider is the skirt of your wedding dress and the style of tulles to go with it.

Types of tulles

Tulles have been a widely used fabric for wedding dresses for a long time and are the perfect fabric for creating a romantic and sophisticated look. There are many types of tulles, each with its own style and texture.

French tulle is light, soft and one of the most subtle of tulles. It is easy to dye and sew and is suitable for an airy, graceful look. 
English lace is thicker and has advantageously created a lacy effect over many wedding dresses in recent years. 
Italian lace is a favorite for its lacy aesthetic and very thin layer of tulle that adds extra texture and color for a distinctive look. 
Hive tulle is more substantial and voluminous and is the preferred choice for the most extravagant and elegant dresses.

The style variations are almost endless, so you’ll find the type of tulle at Bridal Fabrics that will be perfect for your perfect dress.

Tulle Fabric

Tulle fabric is a classic and timeless fabric for your wedding dress. It is made of fine threads knitted or twisted to create a unique volume and flatness.

Its unique and soft texture allows you to create beautiful wedding dresses that stand out from the rest. Indeed, tulle drapes harmoniously over all silhouettes and gracefully envelops your dress. In addition, the resulting openwork pattern adds elegance and sophistication to any dress.

Tulle allows for a variety of wedding dresses, from the most classic to the most romantic and opulent. It allows for a variety of silhouettes and designs, depending on volume and length. The possibilities are endless with tulle and can accommodate any style and budget.

Crochet and sequin

Tulles are an integral part of your wedding look and this year crochet and sequin are in. You can choose from bohemian effect dresses or more classic materials. Lace is a timeless and chic element for your wedding dress and with crochet and sequins, will give a glamorous touch to your look.

Crochet is known for giving soft, natural textures to a wedding dress and can easily be customized to create a unique look. Sequins are another way to give your dress a more glamorous and sparkly look. Combining them together could add a stunning roof to your look.

In shades of ivory and white, crochet and sequins add a touch of sophistication to the cut of your wedding dress and are perfect for completing the look of your gown. As you store around, keep these details in mind and opt for wedding dresses with beautiful seams to which you can add a hint of sparkling crochet and sequin style.

Conclusion on choosing the style of tulles for your wedding dress!

Choosing the style of tulles for your wedding dress is a decisive moment for your wedding! Tulles come in many colors, patterns and lines and are very versatile. You can choose the style that suits you best so that your wedding dress is unique and memorable. It is important to take into account your body type and size.